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Fall Leaves you with Asili Skin

Yesterday was the first day of fall.  Each year I buy all of the classic Fall fashion editions of Vogue, Elle and InStyle Magazine.  I absolutely love this time of the year! and not just because my birthday is in October lol! Fall is the time of the year when the quick pace of the summer comes to an end and I can find time to enjoy things like nature and spending time with my family and friends...and lazy weekends.  I love those the most!

Each year around this time I buy all of the classic Fall fashion editions of Vogue, Elle and InStyle magazines.  Fall fashion means dark colors, and rich fabrics like tweed and leather.  Oh and new accessories like boots and purses!  As far as beauty is concerned, I switch from wearing lighter fragrances such as Ocean Rain to wearing spicier scents like Amber Sandalwood that the cooler season invites.  Dark lips and nails also give me life this season!  

One thing that we need to switch up on in addition to wearing leather and dark lips is our body care routines.  In the summer I could get away with using our Bath and Body Oil in the shower as a quick morning moisturizer. However with the cooler months upon us, I will be reaching for our rich and decadent Body Butter.  Asili's Body Butter has Shea and Cocoa butters in addition to skin-nourishing oils such as Macadamia Nut oil and Sweet Almond Oil.  An added bonus is that it will leave your skin lightly fragranced throughout the day.  Now that's a win-win!

Due to our new location, and that all products are hand-made upon order, it will take 10-14 days for delivery.
Thank you again and remember...Love Your Skin. Dismiss