Welcome to the new Asili Body Products…

Asili specializes in a line of All-Natural Bath and Body Products. Asili’s products are a wonderful blend of rich, high-quality ingredients such as Shea and Cocoa butter and fragrant and essential oils for the care and pampering of your skin.

Asili specializes in all natural bath and body products. Pamela creates each product with special care and attention. We at Asili are known for our ability to customize fragrances for our clients. In addition we also can also customize products to address our clients specific concerns such as extremely dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or allergies.


“If you’re seeking an incredibly moisturizing and highly fragranced bath experience, you need aSili Bath and Body products in your life. Handcrafted body oils, body scrubs, bath salts and body butters that come in an enticing array of scents. The brand is known for offering customized fragrances for clients. I was blessed with a jasmine-scented white floral body butter and body scrub at a recent Chicago natural hair event, and I love the uniqueness of the fragrance. Check out aSili Bath and Body for a fragrant experience of your own!” ~Afrobella, Beauty Blogger



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