California Road Trippin’

Greetings beauties, this post is LONG overdue.  Our family took a road trip at the end of August from Chicago to California.  At first I was extremely apprehensive about a two day road trip to the West coast. However, my husband the avid traveller convinced me that we would break it up and that I would enjoy the trip.  One part of me was still sneak checking out rates from Southwest in hopes of snagging one of those $160.00 round-trip deals but the more I thought about it, I started to look forward to seeing California in a way that I would never be able to see it if we’d flown straight in to LAX.

Credo in San Francisco was my first stop. It is a natural girl’s beauty mecca. If you like Sephora, you’ll love this store!


I’m always looking for new inspiration for Asili Body Products and new products and experiences that I can share with you.  Oftentimes, I don’t have enough time to play around with recipes and fragrances to come up with new products to offer you.  With ample time on my hand, I decided that I would use this road trip and the things that I experienced from nature along the way to inspire a new series of fragrances to share with you.  I truly hope you will enjoy a small peek at our family’s best summer vacation ever!


New Fragrances

I have hand-picked four new fragrances that came from the inspiration I gained during the road trip.  The first fragrance is Pink Jasmine.  Although I did not see any Jasmine while I was there, this writer has this to say about the Jasmine in San Francisco.

“I will never get over the way jasmine grows like a weed here–the way I can be walking down an unremarkable street and step into a narcotic cloud of scent drifting half a block down from a vacant lot. I love it in all its forms, but my favorite is the pale pink variety with its ripe banana heart and bitter chocolate undertones. I could get drunk on it.”
- Alyssa Harad
View on the way to the Pier.
On my way from Credo headed to the Pier.

If  you’re interested in purchasing our bath and body products infused with Pink Jasmine fragrance reminiscent of San Francisco, check it out here in our Etsy store.



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