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Cleopatra, who was smart and stunningly beautiful and was also known for her beautiful skin was rumored to have bathed in donkey milk, lavender and honey. While we won’t be using donkey milk in our recipe, ours is a finely sifted dry powdered milk mixture of milk, honey powder and colloidal oatmeal. 

Milk is good for your skin because the lactic acidosis in the milk acts as a natural form of alpha hydroxy acid which helps cleanse the skin and release dead skin cells. That allows the skin to rejuvenate itself more quickly, resulting in radiantly glowing, satiny smooth skin. 

Additionally, honey powder is a natural moisturizer and emollient while colloidal oatmeal will help to relieve dry and itchy skin. Great for those with eczema and psoriasis. 

8 oz. packet with wooden scoop (not pictured)

Fragrances descriptions:

Almond - Almond with touches of citrus and florals, but mostly almond. Think Jergen’s original lotion.

Vanilla - A soothing, warm vanilla scent with white amber, exotic sandalwood that fades into a light vanilla musk. 

Cucumber - A straightforward crisp, green aroma of sliced cucumber.

Chocolate - A blend of milk chocolate, spices leading to a warm and sweet base of amber, musk, vanilla & precious woods. 

Coconut - A simple and straightforward coconut fragrance blended with tart and juicy pineapple. 

Milk & Honey - The aroma of farm fresh milk with bottom notes of honey, musk and amber. 

Guava - Juicy and tropical blend of citrus and exotic fruits. 

Roses & Honey - Rose and honey fragrance notes.

Ingredients: Whole milk powder, honey powder, ground colloidal oatmeal, cornstarch, fragrance, may include dry herbs

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